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Who I Be: I am a certified school teacher here in the 808 state. I love working with children, but I have no desire for having some of my own, at least not right now. I love the ocean, writing (which is why I am doing this), movies (from time to time I post reviews, haven't had time to catch any new releases though), and making new friends (so, like, don't be a stranger and add me already!).

I am not your typical male either. I am unique. I am not gay, as I fancy the female species more than the males. I just don't like cars, yardwork, and all the other typical "male" things. I am sensitive and I like who I have become. It took my a while to find me and I did. So, don't bash or try to change me.

I am..... learning more about the ocean on a daily basis. I started outrigger canoeing the summer of '10 and have moved on to surfing as well. I want to hone my surfing skills and start learning about diving as well. So far I have seen whales, dolphins, turtles, monk seals, and a few fish in the ocean, but I would like to learn more. I will try to keep you posted.

Remember, this is my journal, and I don't take to people posting aggressively on my journal entries. I do welcome thoughtful comments to my posts. You may disagree with what I wrote, but please post your thoughts in a non-aggressive manner. I enjoy a good debate and all, but let's keep an open-mind about things, and remain civil, shall we?
Au Revoir!

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