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Christmas Wish List 2008

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Nov. 8th, 2008 | 09:08 am

Quasi-stolen from entropyx.

This is my Christmas Wish List (not expecting anyone to actually buy it, I will eventually purchase said items in time):

1. A Piano keyboard that is compatible with computers so I can create my own soundtracks to my films.

2. A moped (to alleviate the stress of biking around town)

3. A new iMac with close to 1 TB of storage on the HD

4. My own version of Final Cut Pro for the above iMac

5. If you feel really rich, I would really want the MacPro (1TB of storage on the HD alone! woot woot)

6. A much better video camera

7. And 2 external Hard drives (one for music and one for video) each running about 1TB of digital storage!).

So, hmmm, anyone wanna donate 10-15 thousand dollars to me? Tee hee.

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