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Jun. 24th, 2008 | 12:57 am
気持ち: amused amused

Ok, so the conference is wonderful. If anyone here is a teacher, wants to be a teacher, then thi conference is packed with wonderful ideas and meaningful methods. I love it!! I am so glad that I was allowed to come to the conference. I am learning so much that I can use in the classroom in the future.

Last night, after the conference, we were supposed to go see some alligators, but sadly, there was a huge downpour and a thunderstorm. I have not seen a thunderstorm like that in a while. I tried to get some footage of lighting bolts, but my timing was just not there. However, we were caught in a major thunderstorm and hailstorm. So that was a bit exciting.

Sorry, this is short, the hotel room has no internet (er, it really sucks), so I am here in the lobby typing before we head to DAY 3 of conferences.


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