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For you Sau!!!

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Apr. 11th, 2004 | 11:16 am
気持ち: jubilant jubilant
音楽: Stacie O, still, hahaha

Someone (Sau) told me I should write an article about LJ, well, becuase I write movie reviews, I could not necessarily do a features article and have been struggling with how to present this, so I decided to go opinions instead. The question was, how to promote through opinions, and this eluded me for the longest time, but I finally figured out a way, so here's the article (before hitting the papers):

With the recent discovery of the Internet comes new and improved forms of entertainment and information gathering. Yet the question remains, is this beneficial for our society or is it becoming more and more of a nuisance? Personally, I am in love with the Internet and have found it to be one of the most valuable tools invented.

Why would such a wonderful technological tool be considered a nuisance than beneficial? The Internet does make porn more readily available than before. With that in mind, children are endanger of falling on a porn site more than they were when porn was just magazines. In one particular incident, a teacher had assigned his class an assignment to learn about the white house by visiting, www.whitehouse.com. To his surprise, the next day parents were complaining about the assignment stating the website contained pornographic pictures. Furthermore, there is the danger of meeting people from the Internet. Because a person is able to hide his/her true identity through the Internet, there are stories about middle-aged men disguising themselves as younger men to lure young girls into having sexual relations with them. Thinking about these events alone, it is easy to see the dangers of the Internet and comprehend the negative feelings against it. But what about the positives of the Internet?

The Internet has established e-mail and families are able to stay in contact better regardless of distance. Before email, the only way to contact one’s family was the regular postal service (now renamed snail mail), which would take days to deliver a letter and not minutes or seconds. In addition to snail mail, there were faxes and telephones, but after a few minutes of chit chat, the cost alone could require missing a meal or two. Now with email and chatting, people are able to stay in touch with family and friends without waiting days and days, or chat online for free.

Those who are suffering from loneliness can always find some online friends. Through various chat programs (AIM, MSN, YAHOO, ICQ, etc), people are able to connect with people throughout the world. The issue of trust still remains, but similar to the offline world, meeting people is always about taking chances, just keep in mind to exercise caution when chatting. Other forms of meeting people are live journals (livejournal.com, xanga, myspace, etc), message boards, and penpal and personal sites. With both message boards and live journals, people are able to read what a writer wrote and comment on them. Through these two methods, people are able to obtain necessary information, or seek assistance in solving a problem, or making a project (I am currently addicted to live journals and those who are curious about what they look like are free to visit my page at: www.livejournal.com/users/hisensei808 ). Finally, penpal and personal sites are for people who are brave enough to meet with people offline. Through my experience I have found these sites more a waste of time then beneficial, but I will mention it because there are people who have been successful.

Lastly, the Internet serves as another form of seeking information and shopping. Practically anything on any subject a person has questions about can be found on the Internet, and many students choose to search the Internet for research. Online shopping sites and auctions make acquiring practically any item easy too. A shopper can even have anything delivered to her/his home, even pizza. This proves the usefulness of the Internet and how beneficial it has become in our society.

While I support the Internet and its use, I still urge people to exercise extreme caution when using the net. While most people are helpful and mean no harm, there are still the “psychos” who can take a marvelous idea and make it the most menacing one. Luckily, I have not had a traumatic experience from using the Internet, but that does not mean it’s not there. As our society progresses technologically, life is still life, online or off, danger will always lurk. And I hope people keep that in mind before they make a solid statement against the Internet.

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From: mediocresau
Date: Apr. 11th, 2004 02:41 pm (UTC)

Meshing LiveJournal with MySpace or the trendy Xanga? *tsk* *tsk* mate, I thought you knew better then that.

Heh heh, that's just me being elitist. But for awhile LiveJournal was very exclusive.

Good times though. I'm glad you've finally decided to write an Opinions article again. People are forgetting what you look like.

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Re: *ahem*


From: hisensei808
Date: Apr. 11th, 2004 02:48 pm (UTC)

Well, with 700 word limit, and lack of experience with the other two sites, it's the best I could come up with. Personally, I like this site better, and it was fun to write an opinion's article again. MMovie reviews can become dull sometimes, especially when the film is a dud. Anyhoo, keep on writing. Glad to see you hit the North shore. A little envious, but nonetheless content. Laters.

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