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Clan Wars

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Apr. 7th, 2008 | 05:46 pm
居場所: going to bed
気持ち: sleepy sleepy
音楽: She Bop-Cyndi Lauper-The Essential Cyndi Lauper

Woot woot.....what a battle. Thanks to everyone who showed for the battle and the special visitor: echoproject!!!!

Even when the odds were not in our favor, we still managed to work together as a team and take down most or all of our foes. Again a very big thanks to all of you. I hope to see you in 2 weeks for another round.

And in other news: What would you be interested in doing for "safe event" this coming week-end?? Rogue's den? Brimhaven? Vinesweep? Any other suggestions or ideas?? Please post and let me know. I am interested in doing anything. Even if it's just a few rounds of castle wars on smaller server (Ooooor, we could do castle wars with just us, since most of the servers or "off") Please let me know. Thanks.


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