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Check in your Bags please.....

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Feb. 15th, 2008 | 04:49 am
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So, I went shopping yesterday and I was utterly appalled by the security gaurd at the door. Why? Because, as I entered the store, he asks me to "check in my bag." Now, I live in a community where that seems to be the rule for practically every store. So, while perturbed, I still check in my backpack as, I cannot enter the store without doing so. But this time I was out of my community and I did not think I would need to actually check in my bag. But, Alas, I did. So, why does this bother me?

Simply put...I have to always check in my backpack, which is about the size of a woman's large purse. However, women don't have to check in their large bags. See the unjust fairness in all of this. Now, I totally understand the whole, prevention against shoplifters, and I know that they are to blame for the whole "check in your bag" rule. Really, I do, but I am venting against how store's security blantantly pick out who should be checking in their bags and who should not. Yeah, I understand, women need their purses, but I need my backpack. Yet, I am still "told" to turn in my backpack, and apparently it is getting worse and worse. It's to the point where I cannot walk into any store without being told, "you a suspect of shoplifting, we don't trust you! Give us your backpack now!"

Is that the way of the world nowadays? I mean, have we evolved to the point where no one can be trusted? However, in spite of all this, "we don't trust you," women" are still looked upon as innocent. Here, I notice that they are allowed to waltz into any store with any size bag, and not told, nor asked, to check in their bag, as it is assumed to be a purse and women need their purse.

To me, the trust issue is a serious aspect of future life. being an educator, I can see how some people can be brought up to "steal." Some steal for survival, and in the community where I live, which consists of a lot of homelessness, it is understandable to see why stores take necessary precautions. However, as an educator, I teach the importance of trusting one another in the classroom, but my students see that what I am sharing with them and what the real world is doing as 2 conflicting perspectives, so yea, it really does bother me. Furthermore as a Sociologist, it is even more disturbing to see that society really is evoling into an anti-trust society. Students at High Schools now need to go through metal detecters just to get an education as it is no long "safe" to go to school. Airlines are now requiring you to remove your shoes before you board a plane....etc etc etc....

This goes beyond the whole, check in your bag please. I just think that the way our world is changing, it seems more and more for the worse than for the better. Yet, in spite of all these changes, there still remains to be a huge amount of inequality, as women are still perceived as unlikely suspects of dishonest acts. So I shall still be going to store and still be upset with the fact that I need to check in my backpack, while Dawn gets to lug around the store with her acclaimed purse, that is twice the size of my backpack! Sheesh, what a wonderful world.

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From: molsey
Date: Feb. 15th, 2008 04:23 pm (UTC)

All it takes is one or two wake-up calls, and "equality" will be coming your way, I'm sure. I mean with the stores. Like women being innocent, no way -- recently, in the city where I live, they caught a middle-aged female shoftlifter who, over the years (they discovered), had shoplifted more than $170,000.00 of scrapbooking supplies from a local craft store. That amount is what they actually found in her house -- but she had stolen more than that, because she had been reselling the supplies for quite some time.

The metal detectors are there because people have died. The shoe thing, because people have died from bombs, and a shoe bomb could have disastrous results. There's always a valid reason, even if it inconviences the innocent. I guess you could say a few bad apples have ruined things for the rest of us... but I'd rather be safe/untrusting than unsafe.

I think you should either write a letter to the stores where this happens, or write a letter to the editor of your local paper, calmly asking why there is a discrepancy between the genders with this issue. The least it will do is open some discussion.

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From: darklalice
Date: Feb. 15th, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC)

I had never seen this policy until recently. I went to my colleges book store to pickup some books I ordered online and they were making people check their bags. This is the only place I have seen it in this city. However the thing that confuses me is why don't they just use those thef devices they use in regular book stores instead of having people leave their stuff behind. Having said that why can't we just have better devices instead of alienating people by asking for their stuff.

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Just call me Joe

From: usal_muaddib
Date: Feb. 15th, 2008 06:50 pm (UTC)

I've done security for Sci-fi/Fantasy Fandom Convention Art Shows (and I was Art Show Director once too.)

It's silly to target one group and not another. If you are checking bags, you have to check them all. I've had people get upset when told that a purse needed to be checked, and I've had others who understood. But then it was not just a security issue, I explained to one woman once (who had a bag my son could have hidden in) that if she damaged something with her purse on accident, was she really ready to pay if that something was a $10,000 original. She checked her bag.

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Sapphire Phoenix

From: sapphire_heaven
Date: Feb. 15th, 2008 07:16 pm (UTC)

Over here in Hilo, they don't check bags... yet. I do see people checking in your bag as unfair. A lot of shoplifters here are women and they do use their purses to steal stuff, and yet most security does nothing.

The idea of trust is something that is rapidly decaying now days... Yesterday there was another school shooting at the Illinois university, and I happened to turn to the Nancy Grace show that was on CNN/HNN (can't remember which of those two channels had her), and she made a comment on how people can't really be trusted these days, and she wanted every school in the nation to have metal detectors to prevent entry because students can easily carry weapons to school. A caller to her show said that the ideas of metal detectors in every school is ridiculous because most colleges are open campus, and there is not enough funding to have those machines at most universities, and Nancy Grace replied that they said the same thing about Airports and they have metal detectors there now...

I can't imagine a place with super-high security... imagine how insane it would be to go through detectors just to get to a bathroom or something O_O

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Naïvety's Star

From: lady_noremon
Date: Feb. 15th, 2008 09:11 pm (UTC)

I have to check my backpack everytime I go into our school bookstore. Also any other bags besides my tiny purse [mine is just big enough for my wallet, and my astma enhaler, and maybe a tin or mints (larger purses need to be checked)].

Maybe you should get a man purse to try and see if that works?

I think small purses (like the ones that are pretty much a wallet) are ok, but I still think the size of some purses should need to be checked.

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¤~*~\The Ethereal Black Pearl/~*~¤

From: blackpearl
Date: Feb. 17th, 2008 02:20 am (UTC)

That's an unfair policy. I figure if you're going to check bags, you should check everyone's not just teenagers and young adults. That's ridiculous, but I have never liked authority and I don't like unjust policies either.

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