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Politicians sicken me....

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Jan. 4th, 2008 | 04:31 am
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Quoted from Obama

website of quote:

"A: My kids have gone to the University of Chicago Lab School, a private school, because I taught there, and it was five minutes from our house. So it was the best option for our kids. But the fact is that there are some terrific public schools in Chicago that they could be going to. The problem is, is that we don't have good schools, public schools, for all kids. A US senator can get his kid into a terrific public school. That's not the question. The question is whether or not ordinary parents, who can't work the system, are able to get their kids into a decent school, and that's what I need to fight for and will fight for as president."

Source: 2007 YouTube Democratic Primary debate, Charleston SC Jul 23, 2007

Personally, I think that all politicians should be forced to put their children in Public education schools, then perhaps they would actually give a damn about what id going on in the classroom and change things to work appropriately instead of messing everything up!

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Regi (Raphaella Guiditta Helia Benintendi)

From: trust_my_heart
Date: Jan. 4th, 2008 10:26 pm (UTC)

Interesting and true for the most part, however, what do you think of the role of parent involvement in school quality? I actually went to a decent public school in Inglewood, CA - yeah the "hood" and the teachers were well-paid and came from as far as 80 miles away and while we didn't have things like a rowing team or a soccer team, or even really good facilities, we had enough books, decent security and a lot of us went to college at the time I graduated. Parents were always visible in the hallways, cafeterias and at PTA meetings.

These days parents have 2 or 3 jobs to juggle and can't even spend time with kids on fun stuff much less school stuff, but doesn't and shouldn't involvement play a role? I always thought doing away with a M-F week and having weekend classes, parent meetings and activities would help bring schools and communities together - who has a straight M-F job anyway these days? You get enough people on the days they do have free and you'd be surprised I think and hope.

In LA so much is complained about "equality" but it's not usually a parent talking to the media, it's a politician - heck hardly even a teacher is ever seen. I'm not even sure LA Unified paid their teachers last year if you've been reading their payroll nightmare - will cost $200 million to fix, that's another school campus....

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From: hisensei808
Date: Jan. 5th, 2008 12:45 am (UTC)

LOL...I strongly believe that the parents play a huge part in every child's education. I read quotes from Clinton that she feels the same however the problem is the same and the solution still ceases to exist. How do you make parents accountable for their child's education?? How do monitor that and make sure that a whole country's children are getting the education and support from home to excel? You can't, it's impossible! Schools will continue to battle and sadly teachers will remain the sole accountable person in regards to education, and like you mentioned, there will always be parents who can't afford education supplies and those who don't give a damn about their child's education. But until there is a method of holding parents accountable for their child's education, school's will continue to struggle. I ant politicians to we firsthand how these parents are so detatched from their child's education and how parents in low SES schools don't give a damn about their child's eduction and THEN pass some stupid law that ONLY affluent communities can actually live up to!

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