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Sick and Insomnia....

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Dec. 8th, 2007 | 02:52 am
音楽: "charmed"

This is totally not cool. I am sitting here, more or less over whatever it was I had. I feel better, but thanks to all the tea I have been drinking, now I can't sleep. I have been on and off the computer. Good news is I watched all of "Charmed" season 1. While watching it, I got to thinking about just how "predictable" the story is. Still, quite entertaining, just a ton of predictable moments. One after the other. The great thing about watching "Charmed" is seeing Alyssa Milano in action. OMG, she's cute! I didn't think she would be that cute, but wow! Oh well, fat chance of ever meeting her. That is that.

While struck by insomnia, might as well give everyone an update:

After that terrible 20 hours of no electricity, and catching what ever bug I caught, life has been pretty peachy...I am still planning on not leaving the apartment tomorrow (er...today). Unfortunately, I have a friend who has flown down from Minnesota and is in Hawaii. I was planning to hang out and what not....oh well. Perhaps on Sunday.

On the workside of life...it was odd being in the classroom with only 4 students on Thursday (the peeking of my sickness). Friday I had only 10 students to work with (sickness in full motion).

I also received the results of having 5 teachers in my classroom. Yeah, I still have a lot of work to do and to go on. Ugh. Come on Winter break!

Well, nothing else to report on this side. Take care and stay cool.

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