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Entry 1, Hello WWW

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Jan. 11th, 2004 | 10:32 pm
気持ち: excited excited
音楽: Spy Kids 2 dialogue

Aloha!! I have finally made a mark here in the wide world of wires. Caught like a fly in the web known as the internet to some, and the Matrix to others. Well, if you would like to know more about me, thenn yo would have to read the profile, so keeping that in mind, I shall not waste time re-introducing myself.

What a day!! Today I did some cleaning, working, shopping, and here I am now writing on a journal. A fellow computer freak introduced this site, annd so I thought i would ssign up and write a way!!! Yay!! Today, I did do something fun, I went skating.... in my house!! how does one go skating in their house, simple.. All you need is a tile floor, some dishwashing soap, and water. When you have applied an appropriate amount of soap on the floor, in your bare feet, prepare to slide away!! What fun!!! Yep, i'm a big huge child!! Love working with them, and practicallly live like them. Onne big child, livingg alone in a not so big city called Honolulu.

Many people write to tell me, "I can't believe winter break is over." What winter break?? hell, I spent my whole break working on papers, and making lessons foor school!! Here's some advise, "don't go to grad school, unless you really want to do tons of research and extra tons of writng!! It can be fun, if you have a positive out look, and that is going to be part of my New Year's res, that along with the ""Don't procrastinate"" res. Wel. good luck to you all, and hope to hear from you!!

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