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Sep. 28th, 2007 | 07:50 pm
気持ち: happy happy

One of my favorite Doctors!! I actually remember watching the episode where Peter Davison took over the role as the Doctor and I enjoyed hm as one too.

Your Score: The Fifth Doctor

You scored 33% intelligence, 55% compassion, 15% sense of humor, and 25% weirdness!

You have a sort of irresponsible charm about you that attracts others, but your propensity for being passive and old-fashioned sometimes makes people question your overall authority. You're more of a sibling to your companions than the usual grandfather/father/uncle/significant other that we're more accustomed to seeing out of the Doctor. You're not very funny or unpredictable, though you sometimes try to be, which leads people to hurl epithets at you like "decidely immature," "wet," or "Tristan Farnon." Your turn-ons include bats (the non-organic kind), balls (the non-organic kind), cricket (the non-organic kind), and breathless panting (the organic kind). Your turn-offs include Adric, snakes, the dark places of the inside, spectrox toxaemia, and any situation that precludes you from putting your hands in your pockets and looking around curiously as if the universe were your own personal museum. Chances are, you're easily fooled by bad disguises.

Link: The Which Doctor Who Are You? Test written by TottersLane on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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