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Less than two weeks...

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Jul. 15th, 2007 | 08:11 pm

and then it is back to school...summer came and summer went....what am I doing???

This was the first summer I have had where I had no obligation of any kind. I was able to sit back and enjoy...LIFE. I had no class to teach, no classes to take (although I should have had taken something....

But it was wonderful. So wonderful, that I will think I will take all my summers off. I mean, this is ridiculous. Why was I working all this time?? I really enjoyed sitting at home and reading and gaming. It was fun. Oh, by the way, I read Harry Potter Order of Pheonix, and am reading Half Blood Prince. I must say, it was really really interesting. The movie has nothing to compare to the book. Seriously. I really wish that J.K. Rowling didn't rush to make films. I think they could have been done better if there was more effort and thought put in them. Oh well, this is what happens when green overcomes you.

I did see nearly all released films too. I enjoyed Transformers, the first time I watched it, but the second time, I think they tried too hard to make the "love" thing work and I was upset that they revolved the story around the 2 teens love affair. Don't believe me...watch it a second time and see how they work everything to focus on the teens relationship and not what it should be focused on...the transformers war. Geez, Michael Bay, making everything revolve around the love interest. But the special effects were...AWESOME!

And in other news.....
Hmmm, nothing much really. I just feel way more professional than I did in the previous two years. I am really ready to hit the classroom and spin some ideas on teaching in the classroom and witness the effects of my efforts. I have been doing some mild Professional Development reading and I want to try something called "Read Along." simply put...you take a copy of a book and you have your students, "read along" with you. The idea...(which I am not 100% clear on yet...need to finish reading the article) is to have student hear what fluent reading sounds like. And this is the reason why I am choosing to focus on this this year. Furthermore, during the read along, student will be introduced to new and exciting words and phrases, yet another reason to do the read along. I did try some of it last year, and I noticed one major difference...students were able to follow along with me in the reading. Well, I plan to remain faithful to it and hope that something exciting will indeed happen to me and my students. Wish me luck...

Finally...I may be getting some money...not entirely sure. I think I messed up somewhere, but I am going to submit it, as I checked it twice and if there really is nothing wrong, I may be getting close to $2000!! Find out, in about 2-3 months.

Take care and see you next update....ooops, I know pics, right. Working on it. working on it...

but seriously, do you really want to see how "UGLY" I really am?? I mean, how can so many women be wrong?? =P

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From: j_e_k_k_a
Date: Jul. 16th, 2007 11:25 pm (UTC)

Sweetie you are not ugly, lol you're giving me a headache saying that so please stop :P and woot for Harry Potter! I LOVE the books lol I'm seriously re reading them again (for about the 3rd or 4th time so I can refresh) And congratulations on that 'professional' feeling :D it's a good moment when you realize you had more confidence than before

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