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Update...films, announcements, and more....

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Jun. 20th, 2007 | 10:04 pm

Surprise today!

Well, today was a pleasant surprise. I woke up knowing that today was payday. Without thinking, I immediately called the bank to check on my account to see how much the deposit would be. To be honest, I was expecting something around $900, but it was more! Which means….I am going to have a very happy summer this year. I must say, taking time off is a blessing in disguise. Not working and taking time to recharge feels really good. I wonder why I did not do this before. I do know that next year, I will be planning to take one or two professional classes to up my game in my field, but I will, more or less, just take the summer off and enjoy it. I think I will do that with all breaks from now on. I am slowly reaching a point where I can begin to breath and that is what I need, time to breathe.

Trip to Cali….

I will be gone for a week! I will not be online starting today, until June 29th. I maybe lucky to use a computer somewhere, but I am not going to go out of my way for it. So, if you don’t hear from me, I am in Cali…Fred! CALL ME, holmes!

Knocked Up….

I went to view this film today. I must state that it was better than I thought it would be. It made me think at the same time. Why are we, as a society, suddenly afraid of Pregnancy? Or, why is having children suddenly viewed as “giving up all hopes and dreams?” I remember, many years back, the only thing I wanted was…a child of my own. Of course, that did not happen, and now…I can’t even get a date (and that really sucks!) But it is sad watching all these films where women complain about having a child, or getting pregnant. Waitress was more or less on the same, “OMFG, I’m having a baby!!” theme. Knocked up did show that even a viewed “failed” relationship can be successful. Not that I am saying, everyone go out and have babies. I am just saying, I need to go out and find someone! HA! Ok, that was a joke. No seriously, pregnancy should not be viewed as a negative, but a positive thing. Oh well. Everyone is different. The film is really graphic and if you are mentally prepared to view it, go for it. It has a chance of making my DVD collection, but I would give it the $5 rating (see movie rating system, for more details).

Sensei’s Movie rating system:

$20 DVD = Fucking Excellent film!! Highly recommended and thoroughly enjoyed film!

$14.99 = Pretty good film, will make my DVD collection, but I am willing to wait until it drops before I actually buy it.

$9.99 = It will still make the collection, so-so film

$5 or less: Mixed-bag of a film… there was something that I enjoyed so much that I had to still be compelled to buy it. Perhaps for Nostalgic reasons???

Won’t even make the collection: Hell no! Never! I would never buy this film! Unless some idiot buys it for me, but I would then give it to a white elephant sale or something just or get rid of it.

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