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After a Week of solid gaming.....

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Jun. 17th, 2007 | 03:52 am

Time for me to drop a notch back down to reality. My apartment is still a mess. I am not happy about that. Really. Gaming is great. But I need to clean this apartment! Seriously. One week into summer and Istill have a llst of things to accomplish. Blasted internet! HA!

Well, things to look forward to:

1. Movie review/discussion on the following: Ratatoullie and Fantastic Four.

2. Trip to Cali.

3. anything else??

Ok, so after a week of gaming, I got my charater to level madly in several fields and some of my online friends celebrated that accomplishment.

Kim has been calling me like crazy. Maria has not been bugging me at all.

Aside from being well rested and cautious with spending, i am enjoying my "no work" summer. But today/tomorrow, I return to doing something. Monday I will go to school to begin work on my classroom. Cleaning and organizing what I can before my trip on Thursday.

Anyway, it's like 4 am here, my neck hurts so I am going to sign off here for now. Cheers and chat with you all laters!

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