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Life Keeps throwing Punches...

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Apr. 6th, 2007 | 06:46 pm
気持ち: determined determined
音楽: Edge Of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks

...But I still stand!!! Thank you Defense level 99!! hahahaha..

Ok, so I get a dumb notice from my apartment complex about the oil leak from my car. Meaning, I have to turn it in to get fix or, they write to the rental company which then terminates my contract and I am evicted! So, I take it to the nearest mechanic, hoping that the repair damages will be low. surprise! $700! This is going to majorly set me back in money. I was close to finally making my way out of this apartment complex, but the $700 hurts!

Yeah, so, if I can work it where I pay half of the repair bill when it's done and the other half one month later. I am hoping that that is possible. Then I can have money to "eat" with.

So, that is the big "ouchness" in my life. It seems to always happen to. Hahahaha. I never get a break from this silliness. Oh well.

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