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Chippier side of me....

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Mar. 28th, 2007 | 11:50 pm
気持ち: happy happy
音楽: Classical Minnesota Public Radio - msng

School's about to start up again!! Yay!! So why the hell am I so enthusiastic???

Weird I know, but I actually enjoy teaching and so, I am excited about the upcoming quarter. This year was different than last school year because I was teeter tattering over if I was in the right career or not...but today, while sitting in front of the screen, gaming and planning for next week, I guess I just realized that "yes" I am in the right field and I just need to tighten some loose ends.

Funny, from what I understand, every educator goes through the whole..."continue" or "quit" phase when the begin teaching. This is seriously like a marriage. You put so much time and energy into it. I mean, you can quit a marriage. Sure, but then all that time and energy and money goes to waste, literally. That is how a career is. And I am at the beginning. I will readily admit that this has not been my best year of teaching. I had moment after moment of disappointments and dismays. I rode the emo rollar-coaster with it as well. I seriously thought about getting out. But, I am glad that I have decided to stay with it.

I seriously need to work on several urgent matters though, and it will come with time. I am slowly finding my pace with things and working my way through it all. there is just sooooo much to try to figure out with teaching, really. You just have to "go" through it to fully understand. One things for sure...if you DARE say, "teaching is easy" then I challenge you to grab the reins I am holding and see how far you get! Sure, in a high class, affluent community, it's almost a walk in a park, but in a rural area, or intercity, when the kids come to school with more issues than, "Mommy didn't give me my favorite pop-tart," it's a whole different world. Try teaching reading to students who hate picking up a book. Try teach writing to a student who hates holding a pencil. Try teaching a student who just loves getting in trouble and arguing and fighting. Take all that and double it. Now add 30 hours to that and you get....my typical day. On top of all of that, add, unsupportive parents and a low income. <-- and that explains the turn-over rate of teachers. You think my day ends with the bell?? Hello, I'm on spring break planning for next week! There is no break for me! My days are 12+ hours. even in the summer, I don't get that much of a break (professional development, cleaning the classroom, planning planning and...oh yea, planning!)

But you know what...I still love it. Really. And that is why I am happy.

good luck to you all.

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