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Waianae Coast

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Feb. 27th, 2004 | 11:48 pm
気持ち: melancholy melancholy
音楽: The constant sorrowful image of today's event

I did drive to Waianae, and I found that I would reallly prefer to teach there than here in town. I was watching what was happening in the class, and well, the students there had a really caring teacher, and I think they knew that. What I found to be depressing was the fact that the classroom next door was not friendly to the students, bad mouthing them and putting them down throughout the whole entire time. When I realized that, something stirred inside of me. something really big. I still cannnot help thinking about what their situation was like, coming to school and always being told that you're dumb, and being yelled at all of the time. It's really sad to see that, and I don't think they deserve that, no matter what people may think. They are just being kids, and they lack guidance. I do not feel that using harsh language is appropriate for them. I know they would like to learn. In my time with the students in the class I was working with, they were eager to learn about Japan and japanese. It felt good. That is why I have been really thinking about moving out there to work with them in the future. Maybe for my internship, and beyond my internship. I do not plan to change their culture, but to learn their culture, and as I am teaching them, they can teach me. Anyway, I guess I am just one man who care sooo much, sometimes too much.

I sincerely believe that the Waianae coast is underrated, much like many students here in Hawaii. today, during my observation and interaction with the students, I found how much they really do care and how akamai they really are. Many people here in Hawaii look at the Waianae coast as something to fear, and thinking, "I don't want to end up teaching there!!" I think I am mmaybbe one of the first to say the opposite, I want to teach there. There is so much to learn and so much to teach, furthermore, I believe that the students could use a positive figure in their life, and I am willing to give it a shot. I just hope I don't turn into a monster teacher like I witnessed today. the students were so caring and they really want me to return. I promised them that I would before the year ends and it is one promise am going to keep, for sure. I just wish someone could have seen along with me, just how bad some teachers can be. I believe that any child put in that type of environment will not be able to grow. It is just sooo sad to think about, I can still hear the teacher constantly screaming at the students time and time again. Every 30 seconds yelling at another student. bad mouthing them, and telling them they they are bad students. I know when I have the opportunity, I will finnd my way back to either that school, or some school similar and do what I can to provide them with the education that they deserve!! This is my personal goal, and I will make it happen.

I am sorry if this entry is heart touchng, or breaking as the case may be, but you have to know children the way I do to fully comprehend how I am feeling right now. If it is one thing I cannnot stand to see is a child abuse. No child deserves abuses. People just need to understand where they are coming from and work with them accordingly. For many on the Waianae coast, this was not the case, and that is why I feel the way I do. I have had many principals, Vice Principals and fellow educatoors compliment me nmy dedication to education, and I still have that dedication. furthermore, educatin should be engaging, as well as fun. If the students don't seek the fun in education, then why learn indeed?? Anyway, I think I will try to go to bed. Today was a HUGE eye opener for me. If anything, this has stirred the will to work even harder than ever to obtain my master's and my certification for teaching.

Nighty night

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From: jwacha
Date: Mar. 2nd, 2004 12:51 am (UTC)

I like Waianae too. I'd love to live out there, but the commute would drive me crazy.
I'm glad that your experience was motivating, it's important to have a goal in mind for all of your hard work.

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