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Today's highlight...

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Dec. 27th, 2006 | 09:22 pm
気持ち: victorious
音楽: silence, again!

I was going to blog about something else, but it is a bit more serious than I thought and I actually need to do a tad bit of research before I blog about it. But for the time being I want to share today's highlight with everyone:

Yes, that's right you read correctly! I had to pay a $42.25 fine for library books. What was I thinking, right? Why so much? How did the fine become so outrageous? Am I really that irresponsible? The answer, apparently must be yes? Correct?

It all started 3 days before Christmas. I went to the post box to bring in my mail and long and behold I found an overdue notice from the public library. I freaked! Who wouldn't, honestly? Yet, the notice stood in my hands, laughing at me. Saying, "you irresponsible bloke! Why did you not return your library books on time?"
Well, there was nothing I could do about it until Wednesday (today) as the school was not opened until then (wel, actually, that's not all true. I went into the school yesterday to reclaim the books to return to the library today, but I was sidetracked by a co-worker who need technical help. So, because I had an engagement with a few of my other friends in Honolulu, I had no time to look for the books in myevr so messy classroom. Thus, I decided, well, the books are already late, one more day would not hurt).

Ok, so I walk into the paper junkyard known as my classroom today and began the quest to serach for the missing books. I had one hour to search adequately before my students would walk into the classroom ready for the tutoring session. I serached low and I searched high. I emptied out big bins, which were piled to the brim with papers and books. I even rummaged through my storage closet in desperate search for the books. Needless to say, in all my efforts, the results were the same as selling red hot chili in the dessert...nothing! After tutoring, I drove hope and thought, maybe, just maybe the books were at home. But, before I left the school, I searched the classroom one more time. I did find tons of other items I was looking for, but the books remained like a needle in a haystack, well-hidden. I stooped low to search the desks of my students, hoping that one of them was careless enough take the books and not return to me after they had read it. But again, the books were not there. So, I decided to return home to hopefully uncover the books at home. Doing a quick scan of th area, I foud that the books were not at home either. I decided to quit looking for the books and, just as Dezel Washington would say, "Man up" and pay for the books. Grabbing my checkbook, I headed to the library. But, on the way there I was thinking...."What if? What if the library had not checked in my books?" i felt that has to be wrong. The missing books had to have been my fault. However, I was determined to solve the mystery of the missing books.

I entered the library. I went to the children's section to see if the books were on the shelf, but I could not remember the titles. Great! I forgot the notice at home. I did see some books on the shelf, but I was not sure if they were the books I was looking for or not. I gave up. I head to the front desk. On Christmas day, I was fortunate to meet the Head Librarian. I sorrowfully, explained that I had lost the books and was there to pay for them. She writes up the recents for the 2 book (each with a $4 fine!). Wait, $4 fine?!? How the hell did it get to be $4?? Then she mentioned that the books were due on the 11th of December. I had a vague recollection of coming to the library then too. Unfortunately, because of the vagueness, I was still uncertain. So, I cut the check for $42.25. Ouch, I know. But I had no other choice. After paying for the books, I stood in the library with two receipts for books I failed to find. I felt empty. Hollow. Like a fucking flimsy bamboo stick. I have never, and I mean, never lost a library book! Oh well, even monkeies fall from trees. No! I had to double check. I went back to the children's room to look for the books again. This time with the receipts in my hand. I double checked to books call number with the receipts. They matched! Pulling both books off of the shelf, I ran (ok, I didn't run) back to the front desk and said, "Wait a minute, aren't these the books?" The Librarian looked and knew right away what had happened. The books were returned on time. Whoever was on duty that day failed to check in my books! I knew there was something strange, because the notice said I was missing 3 books, but I was charged for 2! Thus mystery solved, I had my check returned to me and feeling quite pleased with the turn of events, I walked out the doors (ok, I didn't walk, I strutted) and headed back to my car. In the background, I could hear the sweet melodic sounds of victory. An imaginary crowd was cheering and rooting in the victorious aura that surronded me! I won, and with that, I drove away from the library.

The end.

Dear Bloggers:

Thanks for reading this portion. Yeah, u notice, I love to write. it is my passion, it is my destressor. I love it. But the events I blogged about were true. I hope you enjoyed reading it, as I enjoyed writing it. Take care and hope to read more from you.

Jekka: Wouldn't this be like really good material for your "writer's community?" If you think so, let me know and I'll be happy to repost it there too.

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From: peachii
Date: Dec. 28th, 2006 08:52 am (UTC)

Wow~ Sometimes it is just so important to stand up for yourself.
Good job saving yourself $42.25~ :D

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Execrable Girl

From: secretlyowned
Date: Dec. 28th, 2006 05:25 pm (UTC)

i owe about $140 to my public library...

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