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And the update..........

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Dec. 11th, 2006 | 08:58 pm
居場所: at home
気持ち: content content
音楽: um, crickets outside!

I know that people who have been watching the recent events of my life are waiting for this. But before I continue, I took a quiz off of pandalamp and the results were shocking. Reason being, certain aspects of the results were, well, true!

Note for author: When will I learn? Once I get started, I like never stop? Sorry. I did not intend this to be as long as it got, but oh well, enjoy! So, that is why I put it under a cut for you all. Yes, I know: HOW THOUGHTFUL, RIGHT?!?!?! =P

Simply put: According to my Birthday: I am to find true love only 2 times in my life. I have found my first, heart-breaking, mind boggling, first true love and like a young fool, lost her. Ugh! I am still eating my brains over that one. I don't quite know how, but my reason is fully justified. After being with her for....Wait, do you really want to hear this?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think I shall leave it up to the post results. If you really want to read about my sappy, heart-break, in a romantic novel format, let me know. If you just want the short sorry-ass version (you, right between the eyes, kind of thing). I shall do that as well. Let the masses speak!

Quiz results continued: Yea, well, the quiz mentioned that I am flirtatious...which, correlating with what my friend often tells me, I am. Ugh! The quiz also mentioned how I don't believe in love at first sight, but I will have tons and tons of crushes. Sad, but true. I have tons and tons of crushes, just never work up the self-esteem to actually go the next steps! Richard Dreyfus, where are you and your fucking baby steps therapy?!?! (See What About Bob

Well, if the results are even quasi-true: Damn, I'm fucked! One true love to go. Yet, where does she be (In the God-Damned heavens, looking down at me and laughing!) I think it would be cool to fall in love with a spirit,like Matt Ruffalo did in "Just Like Heaven" (romantic film freaks, this is a keeper! I totally love this film and I just found out my friend got it for me for Christmas. I can't wait to get it! <--Yeah, I know, for a guy, I am totally weird!)

Ok enough about bloody spirits and depressing relationships. I know what you all want to read: and here it is:

Well, shje emailed me back off of myspace. I was a bit shocked in all honesty. However, judging by the length of the written content.....yeah, this is like watching snails race on a lightly salted path....

IDK: I think I am just going to have to let this one sail away in the setting sun!

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