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Thought of the Week

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Oct. 21st, 2006 | 12:54 pm

LJ thought of the week:

I don’t mean to be bitchy or anything and seeing how this is my journal, I am entitled to my own opinions and thoughts. If anything I would just like to have your opinion about said topics. This week is something that I have been thinking about for a really long time. And being an educator has made me think more and more about this topic.

In my previous post, I mentioned how I am a poor poor sap. Yes, that is right, I have like no money; it shall remain so for quite some time to come. Not really my choice, but I brought upon myself, thus I cannot complain, just try to manage what I got.

Being poor, you tend to view things through different eyeglasses. One thing that I have noticed is just how messed up our country really is. Some points that make me think that is:

1) The price of food we pay at the stores.
2) How our education system is always last, not first, priority.

Well, I am sure that there are more, no doubt, but I really want to focus on just these 2. Why these two? Because I teach. I see and am affected by these issues on a daily basis.

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From: pandalamp
Date: Oct. 22nd, 2006 12:39 am (UTC)

I know, it's ridiculous how second rate education is in this country. It's just not a priority. Oh politicians like to say they'll make it a priority but they never do. Budgets just keep getting cut and music programs and art programs keep getting taken away and teachers don't get paid nearly as much as they should, it's ridiculous. Last year when I was going out with Rob the math teacher he was always talking about how shitty the educational system was.

As far as the price of food, yeah that can get rather pricey. Although I can usually find some pretty good deals at kroger. What really gets me is the prescription drugs. Now this one is probably more specific for me since let's face it I have a whole bevy of health problems probably and I could probably open my own pharmacy out of my medicine cabinet with I have to take. But seriously it gets insanely expensive! And my insurance does not cover prescription drugs. I added it up one month and if I didn't get at least some from samples I would be spending over $700 a month on drugs. Sometimes more because I get sicker some months and require more drugs lol. So how insane is that??

Alright so this comment turned into a rant and went waaaaay too long lol. I'll stop now.

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