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Vent-Fest: Rated R for language

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Nov. 30th, 2005 | 08:00 pm
気持ち: bitchy bitchy

ARGH!!! I hate driving. Are you kidding me!! This time of the year is by far the worst time to be on the road driving. Come on, Fuckin' 2 hours to drive into town?!?!?!?! Why??? Cuz assholes like to go shopping for frickin present and Shiatz!! (Oops, should I be keeping this G-rated?) Seriously. It is bad enough I gotta get up and 3 in the Gad damn morning to prep for school and drive my sleepy ass out to Ma ka ha!! yeah, Ma ka ha!! But then to drive home and be caught in traffic that is as slow as a snail on a hot summer day!! ARGH!! PEOPLE, LEARN TO FUCKING DRIVE!! This is how you drive. Apply pressure to the accelarator and steer. Do I get that?? NO, I get numb nuts drive 25 in a 50 MPH zone! Furthermore, lines that go half way to Pearl City!! don't mean to be a big Scrooge or anything, but seriously, people need to learn how to drive.

Anyway, I have a lot coming up and a I to prep a lot as well. Not too happy about that, but still I must do it. WhY?? Cuz I one Teechha das why!! Nah, my students are going to be performing for the school again in about 2 weeks (wanna see it?? Drive to Makaha, hahaha. With all that traffic?? Riiiiiiiight. Seriously. I hope you all the best in the stressful time of the year.

fried- Peas out.

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From: 1warrior
Date: Dec. 1st, 2005 06:13 am (UTC)

LOL, man, I'd take that over driving in snowy-icy weather any day. I went out to run a few errands, it was snowing, I try to drive back up to my apartment drive, and my car swishes left and right the whole way to my parking space. real scary. motionsickness involved. then there was this guy who apparently lost control of his car for a slight bit and started driving right head on, and then managed to move within 3 feet of omg that was close! It would be kinda fun, if I weren't worrying why I didn't wear a seat belt and if my car would tumble down the many hills on either side of the road. =O

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From: mistress_undead
Date: Dec. 4th, 2005 10:03 am (UTC)

its days like this when im actually glad i dont drive. Im sorry hun.

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