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Feb. 25th, 2004 | 11:33 pm

I am under a mountai of work, and it ceases to end!! So what the heck am I doing here?? I need a break. I have been preparing for tomorrow's lesson. Here's what's fun about tomorrow: I have to do a Math lesson for an amount oof time that is unknown. So I am preparing a lesson for XXX amount of minutes, and becuase of that, it is difficult. Problems, problems, and more problems, hee hee.

Anyway the continuation of my story:

I had been driving and I realized a strange oder in my car. Taking a deeper whiff, I figured out that the smell was not coming from my feet, but from my breath!! Argh, I cannot go to class with road kill breath!! I quickly stopped at the nearest convenience store and made a mad dash for some gum. I knew that would be the only cure for the funk in my mouth. But, that day was not to end on an easy note as most days do. Here I was, in Kailua, and the beginning of the day. What was in store for me, the usual 12 hour day including the lack of sleep I had prior to the day. YAWN, as I looked at my watch. "Why did I get up so early??" I regrettfully thought, and continued on my way to class.

Wednesday... Again waking up rather late, I quickly prepared a lunch to eeat and headed out to Kailua again. Today I was planning on not teaching. I had received an email stating that there were pictures being taken and it would run into Math time, so keeping that in mind, I proceeded to the school to simply help out with whatever there was to help out. Upon arrival, I began to prepare for tomorrow. Waiting for my fellow educators to further discuss the schedule as it comes around. Then I noticed how students and staff were running back and fortha dn all over for these pictures. Suddenly, the woman in charge finds me and says, "tell the 6th graders to come down now to take their picture." "Okay," I reply, and begin heading to the 6th grade classrooms. Wait a minute... if the 6th graders are taking their pictures now, that means....

to be continued

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