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Chapter 10: A New Hope

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Jun. 7th, 2005 | 08:43 pm
気持ち: hopeful hopeful
音楽: Futurama!!!

Okay, here's the update for today!!!

Last night I had a "Welcome Summer" party!! it was really cool. I made Teriyaki Chicken!! I repeat, I made this, this is not store bought, but doesn't it look yummy???

After the dinner/drinking we went to the beach (at like 12:00 am). and we met Crabby!! Isn't crabby cute??

Okay, so I called the college of education Dean the other day and set up an appointment with the Dean. This could be the chance to turn things around. If I can convince the dean that I was indeed wronged by the program director, I could finally finish my program and be done with college. We will see what happens. I figure if I present enough evidence of my research skills it may be enough to convince the dean that I was indeed misjudged and voila!!! I will be a graduate!!

I now have only a week vacation. The only thing I am going to do during this little week in clean my apartment, and rest up. That is about all I can do. So far I have cleaned up all the other rooms in my apartment except one, which really needs cleaning. I hope that I can get it done on time. I am hoping to do so tomorrow. When I finish, I will take some pics of my new clean apartment!! Yeah!!

Last time I wrote a questions about pedophiles. Thanks to Twizzlertwist for your insights!!! This week's question:

Why do you think America is so ashamed of nudity?? For example, there are nude beaches in Europe and nudity is shown on Japanese TV, yet here in America, to even speak of sex in school is like speeding on the highway here in Hawaii while not wearing a seat belt and extremely intoxicated!! So, what do you think??

Okay, see you all next entry

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From: mistress_undead
Date: Jun. 10th, 2005 11:39 am (UTC)

i CAN cook that crab up and put it on the terriyaki *nos lol*

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