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Voltron: Defender of the Universe. (Review)

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Jun. 16th, 2016 | 09:08 pm
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音楽: Voltron


Netflix has just released it's version of Voltron (from Dreamworks).  I have been an avid fan of Voltron since I first watched the 1980's version.  However, after rewatching the 1980's series, I had many unsatisfied moments (i.e. for a 20 minute show, 5 minutes of it is really watching repeated clips of animation cells; the fact that in nearly EVERY episode, no problem could not be solved unless the team formed Voltron).

Then in 2011, Voltron seemed to be making a comeback.  I watched a few episodes of the 2011 version, but I was not sold.  I was more disappointed with the series than anything else.  It seemed too slow and I didn't care for the CGI animation (which at the time CGI animation seemed to be the major choice of animators).  So, upon learning about the 2016 Netflix version, skepticism was inevitable.

Netflix definitely surprised me.  The series is set up to be more "anime" format.  The storyline continues (meaning, you actually need to watch every episode to keep up what is happening in the series) and it seems the characters "age" like many anime characters.  With the storyline more intricate than previous versions, it makes it worth the watch.  In addition, not every episode actually involves having Voltron formed (I really like that change).  It still holds the classic "good vs evil" theme, but the flow is much better than the 80s version.

There are many surprises to the series as well, which adds to the development of the plot.  The characters also have history to them making them have a realistic feel and not seem so "cartoony" like in the 80s.  You actually want to learn more about the characters and find out who they were before they became "Paladins of Voltron." For those die hard 80s lovers, classic lines and quotes still exist (i.e. activate interlocks, dyna-therms connect...).  However forming Voltron has changed in the 2016 episodes.

Overall, I am content with this reboot.  If you enjoy Anime (particularly Sci-Fi) you may also enjoy this serious.  It is not perverted like most Japanese Anime (as it is an Americanized Anime, similar to "Avatar: The Last Airbender").  
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