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Politician Preference, Pokemon, and Pooped!

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Mar. 28th, 2016 | 09:36 am
居場所: Runescape
気持ち: happy happy
音楽: Animals Gone Wild

Aloha!  I have had quite a busy weekend, and I plan to have another busy day today.

Saturday was the Democratic Party of Hawaii Politician Preference Poll (Caucus).  From what I understand, it's not really a caucus, but the vote still counts in terms of delegates for the democratic party.  Normally, I don't assist in political endeavors, but because I will support Bernie Sanders, I decided to "get involved."  I spent half of my Saturday volunteering for the "Cuacus."   It made my heart sing with joy when I learned that Sanders won!  I do hope that this is the momentum necessary to boost Sanders all the way to Washington.

After my volunteer work, I was able to unwind a bit by attending a baby shower.  Unfortunately, I don't like being at a party when I know very little people.  I feel awkward.  So, after 2 hours of sitting and conversing with the only people I know, I left to go surfing.  Haha.  While surfing, I landed right smack in the middle of a barrel.  That was the highlight of the session.

Finally, I took my friend and her friends to a bar. I was the designated driver (which is great because I don't drink anyway).  I danced a bit and four hours later drove home to crash.  Sadly, I didn't have long before I was back on the road to lead a hike 2 hours after I hit the hay.  Luckily, I had great music to keep me going.  When the hike ended I drove back home for a 30 minute cat nap before I taught a student how to play Pokemon Trading Card Game.  Magically, that kept me awake enough to finish the game.

By the time I returned home, I was literally too tired to sleep!  I made dinner, ate, and I guess that was the winning combination for slumber.  It was 10 hours later I finally awoke.

Crazy Weekend!  Hahah.

How was y'all's weekend? 

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