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365 days of Happiness: Day 34

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Feb. 3rd, 2014 | 07:53 pm
居場所: Sanctuary
気持ち: chipper chipper
音楽: Rain falling

 I woke up this morning NOT wanting to go to work.  I DIDN'T even want to go surf (yes, there was a swell too.  Overhead sets!).  All because of the events on Sunday.  I was falling into a state of depression.  I deeply considered calling off.  Staying home.  Remaining depressed (trust me, I have more than enough sick leave to do it too).

In spite of how I felt, I still dragged my carcass out of bed.  Loaded my poor damaged love of a vehicle and went surf.  I caught only one wave.  It was all I had time for, but it was enough.  Enough to snap me out of the funk and make me have the will to go to work.

A handful of people were supportive.  They were the ones who knew, who witnessed, who saw me go through my ordeal.  They inquired if I was ok.  I assured them I was.  The day with the students wasn't too bad either.  It was pleasant.

I ended the day catching 4 waves in the evening (besting many of the surfers that WERE out there with my teeny tiny surfboard (5'10", 2.16" width)  Yes, very short and thin board!  Everyone else had longer and thicker boards did me.  And I still caught and rode FOUR life motivating waves.

What also made me smile:  My insurance company is planning to sue the bloke that hit me.  I hope they do catch hold of him and justice is served.
I am planning to write an article for out local newspaper about this as well.  Not sure if they will print it, but I want people, the community, friends and neighbors and others, to be aware of how unfair it is for people who abide by the law, purchase insurance, witness as people who decide NOT to purchase insurance drive off scot-free.  From what I understand, it's about 7-8,000 dollars worth of damage done to my car.  It sickened me to sit and watch as he was able to just jump right back into his truck and drive off.  Especially since he has had many citations PRIOR to the accident!  So, what's a solution?  Simple.  If you are caught driving without a license:

1st offense:  citation
2nd offense:  License revoked until you show proof of having insurance (as Hawaii State Law states).
3rd offence:  License revoked, car impounded and held until you show proof of insurance.

People without insurance make it difficult for the innocence.  I have to PAY my deductable because he's driving without insurance.  Yeah, it's only $500, but that's not the point.  Not my fault, I shouldn't have to pay ANYTHING.

When this ordeal is over, I am adding on to my policy and preparing.  Apparently, it is MORE dangerous for me to be on land than it is to be in the water.

Surfer out! 

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★  Ashlee ★

From: umbreons_shadow
Date: Feb. 4th, 2014 06:05 am (UTC)

Hey, after yesterday, I would feel the same way too.

I never understand why someone would ever go without insurance. Even house insurance, it's like you own the house therefore you NEED insurance.

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From: hisensei808
Date: Feb. 5th, 2014 08:30 am (UTC)

thanks for your kind words. I agree with you. WHY would you not have insurance? The ONLY answer I can come up with: no money. And there are a LOT of people like that in the community I live in. They can't afford to buy insurance and instead of driving safely, they drive like the bozo who hit me.

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What subject? - (Anonymous)


From: hisensei808
Date: Feb. 5th, 2014 08:27 am (UTC)

yeah, all in all I am fine. You do need to read the entry. I am just really tired of always being in an accident. it's so frustrating when I am driving like I'm supposed to suddenly be hit from the side, from behind, etc. I just started driving again and already I have been involved in 3 accidents. In the 3.5 years of surfing I still have not even seen a shark in the water. *knock on wood. I am living proof of the statistics on sharks. Presently, I hate being on land because of all the people who hurt me. Maybe I'll just save up money and buy a small boat to live on, instead of a house. =)

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