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365 days of Happiness: Day 15

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Jan. 15th, 2014 | 08:08 pm
居場所: Soon to be dreamland.
気持ち: excited excited
音楽: Centipede Dying at my Feet

Today did not go as planned.  In fact... there was NO instruction at all.  So, just took the students around to various career displays and had them listen to guest speakers.  I was going to give out a Math test, but didn't.  Well, that will be on the agenda for tomorrow.  The good news is, I don't have to prep for tomorrow, as it is all set.  Which is good because surf is going to be at advisory level tomorrow and warning levels on Friday.  I am finally going to surf double overhead waves again.  I have been working hard to get to the point where I can surf 18-22 foot waves on a short board, and tomorrow this upcoming weekend will be another opportunity to test my skills and challenge Nature.  I can't wait.

Well, that's it for today.  Going to turn out early to prep for tomorrow.  Cheers. 

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