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365 Days of Happiness: Day 8

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Jan. 8th, 2014 | 08:40 pm

Wacky Wednesday.

I presently am not to fond of Wednesdays. I know that many view it as "top of the hill" or in vulgar terms: hump day, but for me it is the one day do the week I dread the most. I have come to decide that Wednesday is, by far, the stinkiest day of the week. Seriously! From the time I wake up, I know it's Wednesday by the foul stench the day brings. I try to think positive about it. I try to convince myself it's not as bad as I think. However, looking at garbage and trying to convince yourself it's a rose is damned near impossible. Febreeze could not even come close to making Wednesday a better smelling day. Simply put, Wednesday is rubbish day and nothing starts the day out right than following the City and County Sanitation Department's truck on the way to the beach!

24 hours without my laptop and I'm missing it very much. Still have my phone, so I'm still able to post on LJ and Facebook, as well as check emails. I can even watch Netflixs and Hulu. But, I really miss my Laptop!

Today the surf in the morning was a great way to start my day. In the evening met up with another surfer friend and we were discussing the pro and cons of going Pro with surfing. Ultimately, I am glad I am not Pro. I LOVE surfing. However, changing it from a passion to "work" would make me not enjoy it as much as I do. Friendly competition, I can handle. Real competition... I can't. I am grateful that I'm conditioned enough with surfing to be able to surf with the Pros, if I EVER have the chance to do it.

Alright. Enough blogging for tonight. More tomorrow. Night night!

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