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話題の提供: Roamin'

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Mar. 16th, 2011 | 05:15 pm

If you were going on a week-long vacation to a tropical paradise and could only take five items, what would you bring?

Haha.... I totally CANNOT answer this. I LIVE in a tropical paradise. I have all that I need. But that being said, let me flip it:

If I were to go on a week long vacation to a frozen tundra, what 5 items would I bring? This question is still pretty vague. I mean, when we say "items" what are we talking about? Are we assuming that clothes and other essentials are not included in this list, or are we talking, vacation prep and I am limited to only 5 items... tops??

Let me go with the inclusion of essentials to make it more interesting: That beings defined:

1) My iPhone. multi-use and has iBooks, iTunes, and more to keep me occupied regardless of what is happening.
2) Clothes to keep warm... duh!
3) Toiletries to keep smelling fresh!
4) Video camera to video record all that is happening on my adventure.
5) Extra Batteries for the vid cam.

There... all done! Time to freeze!

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