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話題の提供: Wintertime is here

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Dec. 29th, 2010 | 05:04 am

How do you feel about the winter holidays? Has your opinion changed over the years?

I used to really look forward to the holidays. I would be dancing and prancing and waiting for the tree to go up, as well as down. I would enjoy placing presents under the tree and take time trying to guess what was inside them.

Now... I don't really care for the holidays. The only thing I look forward to is knowing that I will have 2 weeks off to plan for the next semester and do my report cards. That's it. I guess the fact that I am single, with no love interest and no children of my own, has changed my opinion about the holidays. I would travel, but I have other goals in mind at the moment and I will not stray from those plans.

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