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Bring Back My Years!

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Nov. 20th, 2010 | 11:13 pm

Ok, I know this may start showing my age a wee bit, but seriously, what have I wasted all these years on? I write this in regards to my new love for the ocean. When i first arrived to Hawaii over a decade ago, I was completely terrified of the ocean. There was no WAY you could drag me to the ocean and in the water... at least not alone. Surfing? No way was I going to attempt it because quite frankly was I terrified of the fish and all living creature in the dark abyss that I knew very little about. How did all of this change? When did all of this change?

Well, for the past 2-3 years I needed to find a sport that I could really dive into. However, at the time, I didn't have large sums of money to blow in the blink of an eye so... my options were very limited. I would have gone swimming, but like I stated above... at the time me and ocean had not become no where near intimate. Nonetheless, the search for a suitable sport continued. I started to become complacent with my current online gaming, but if you know me... my ultimate fear is becoming obese. Now SERIOUSLY, if you know me, you know that is ONE fear that is completely pointless to have. Needless to say, I have literally had nightmares of waking up 4-5 times my current mass. I am not a complete health nut, but... I actually do care about my body.

So, as 2010 rolled in I was fortunate enough to visit a canoe that was constructed right here in Waianae. Because of the deep Hawaiian heritage and the fact that it was "history in the making" I went to visit the canoe. We, the visitors, were given an chance to paddle out to the canoe in an outrigger canoe. While paddling, I saw a Honu (Green Sea Turtle) and fell in love with it. There was something about watching that honu float about in the water that called to me. I later decided to try my hand at outrigger canoe paddling and discovered... I LOVE IT. It was perfect for what I needed. In addition to physical fitness, I started to overcome my fear of the ocean.

Well, the outrigger canoe regatta season came to an end, and I still planned to continue next season as well. However in the meantime, what was I going to do? I do not own a one man canoe, but at the same time I wanted to jump back into the ocean. That's where friends come in handy. By pure chance (and I really mean it was all coincidence), one of my ex-students parents was generous enough to introduce me to surfing. Allowing me to ride on his longboard, I caught my first wave. It was love at first flight.

Now, I completely enjoy being in the ocean and respect all the creatures and mysteries that exist in the abyss. I really wish I had someone convince me to try surfing earlier in my days. I could have saved so much money if I had discovered how much I enjoyed surfing many years ago. But, this is the process of life. I guess, in my perspective, I learned about my love for the ocean and ocean sports when I needed to learn about it. Regret nothing and just continue to embrace knowledge as it manifests itself. Just let me say, "I WANT THOSE YEARS BACK!" LOL=P

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Master of RS Fashion! =D

From: st_squiggy
Date: Nov. 21st, 2010 10:30 pm (UTC)

At least you like it now, that's awesome :D I wish I could surf, that sounds interesting :o.

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