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2010 Elections

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Nov. 5th, 2010 | 06:25 pm

Yay! The 2010 elections have come and gone. Is everyone happy with the results? I cannot tell a lie because I am completely content with the results. I am extremely ecstatic that the whole season is finally over… for now. Why would that be? Simple: no one likes mudslinging and over-campaign.

Over-campaigning? This year’s election brought on new surprises for me in my neighborhood. I was shocked how one candidate (we’ll call “McDonald”) nearly plastered the whole community with campaign signs. Everywhere I turned I saw nothing but that McDonald’s banner! I was actually worried that McDonald would win the election! Obviously, I didn’t want McDonald in office, I was rooting for the other candidate so seeing all McDonald’s signs were more of an eye sore for me. In addition to the flood of signs throughout the neighborhood, the day of the election McDonald decided to drive around the neighborhood with a convoy of semi-trucks blaring their horns. Let me rewrite that: BLARING THEIR HORNS!!! Hearing those horns on the highway is one thing, but in your neighborhood in the late afternoon… no… not the best sound one would like to hear while attempting to relax! What made matters worse was seeing the campaigning invade Facebook! It was the famous, “If you support McDonald, please change your profile pic to THIS!” What?!?!? I haven’t changed my profile pic for nearly half a year! Why would I change to show who I am supporting politically?

Let’s face it, with all the political ads that flooded the television (not that I have a TV) and all the ads on the Internet, as well as, in the newspapers it was enough to make me think: Why the hell would anyone want to run for a political office? I could NEVER be a politician. I don’t enjoy slandering people, or telling lies about them. I noticed how nearly every ad was geared to why you should “NOT vote for their opponent;” it was rarely about “WHY you should vote them.” Keep in mind, I am writing from my small island perspective. I have no idea what the scene is like on the mainland. I believe a campaign should be more focused on the reasons WHY we should vote for you, the candidate, not what you think of your opponent.

All in all, I am content with the results. With the malicious campaigning one must endure to get into office, I really don’t believe that I have what it takes to be a politician. For those thinking about running, remember it is not how much noise you can make that gets you in office, but how well you conduct yourself prior to the polls opening. I think I shall just remain in office of my classroom working with my small sweet constituents. Gotta love kids.

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