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Film Review: Paranormal Activity 2

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Nov. 1st, 2010 | 11:06 pm

Director: Todd Williams.
Writer: Michael R. Perry

Starring: Molly Emphraim, Brian Boland, Sprague Grayden

Synopsis:Before Micah and Katie had their run in with the potentially unnatural, Katie's sister Kristi had her experiences as well. This is the alleged mishaps prior to the death of Micah Sloter.


How do you make a crappy movie less crappy? Create a squeal with a tad bit better acting and a tad stronger storyline. That would be my impression of PA2.

Unlike the first film, what separates this from the previous one is the baby and the dog. With the baby in place, it's a minor attempt to connect to the human side of us all. More like, "oh no... Not the baby!" sort of deal. Furthermore, having a faithful dog standing watch when dogs are supposed to be quite vigilant to the unseen, was an upgrade to the plot. To me, it was like the director shouting, "see...it really DID happen!".

But, needless to say, it still provided the same elements as the first film: bad acting and many unlikely events captured on video camera.

I will admit, it was indeed better than the first film. That much I will have to state, but there were so many moment throuhout the film where I am able to CLEARLY see that there were more than 1 take to capture a scene. It cannot be justified by saying something ridiculous as, "we were trying to save time.". The film held way too many goofs to validate the events. It did a decent job with surprises. There were enough harmless little pranks to make you jump, but I still thinking about what set up did the film makers use to create the thrill factor.

For a low budget film, it was like riding a mini-roller coaster. Great for one ride but not worth a second admission.


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