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back to the grind stone....

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May. 24th, 2004 | 07:52 pm
気持ち: good good
音楽: Ya Mama ~charlie's Angels Soundtrack

Well, I was not really planning to write for the Ka Leo this summer, but I got a call from another movie reveiwer and apparently, I will be writing after all. Furthermore, Marlo (not a pseudonym) sent us writers all an email regarding an "assignment" of finding different things to do during the summer. Intrigued, I decided to run with that idea and wrote a quick on house partying because I will be hosting a lot of parties this summer. Without further hesitation here it is:

Summer time is here and for many of us that would mean no school, no classes, and endless days of cruising. However, if you are reading this that means you are part of the fortunate few who have decided that education has a high priority in your life and you are willing to grow academically by enrolling in summer courses. (Yay!) Now that summer has blessed us all with its presences, the question is: what do we do now?
While sitting in front of my laptop thinking about it, I thought, why not host a summer house party! If it is one thing we as college students all enjoy is our own little get together with a group of friends. How would one go about hosting a small get-together? This will provide some helpful hints to creating an entertaining house party with a group of friends.
For starters, any party would need to have food because for many it is the reason to attend the party. One common item at any party would be chips and dips, such as Tostidos (or any type of tortilla chips) and salsa sauce. Additionally, tortilla chips can be complemented with Doritos, popcorn, or Munchies. Another favorite party item is pizza, but why create a standard house party? Why not liven up your party with Ahi or Tako Poki (found at Daiei, or other local grocery stores), or even soybeans. Furthermore, you can cut down on the food problem by having people bring what they would like to share with the group (hosting a potluck house party is generally ideal and will help to break from the norm of having boring pizza).
Next would be beverages. In my experience, I have noticed how it is nearly essential to have some form of alcohol present at a party. There is something about drinking that makes people more lively and able to talk (perhaps this is why bars rake in so much money). In spite of the necessity of having alcohol at your party, there is one issue to keep in mind, the cost of alcohol; at one party the cost for alcoholic beverages soared to over 50 dollars, and as a college student that can be financially painful. One solution for easing the burden of purchasing alcohol is to leave the option of BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage), or have people be assigned what to bring. For the safety of your guest, you must also keep in mind to have alternative forms of transportation for those who have been drinking heavily and have no means of getting home; definitely provide a designated driver. After all safety first, besides, your friend cannot be much of a friend dead.
Finally providing the entertainment at the party. Based on experience, realized that having a film playing in the background is quite meaningless. No one is really watching the film and it is just on providing background noise. To remedy this, it would be best to have music that the majority of your guests like playing instead. This will serve as the perfect background noise for you and your guest. Another idea is to have people interact in a board game. Board game? Yea, in this day and age of electronic video games, it would be surprising to learn just how fun a game of Monolopy, Battleship, Clue, or even Life really can be. The board games will provide a sufficient amount of entertainment for everyone, and serve as a time killer when needed (and for those who are deeply into drinking, you can modify your game by incorporating “drinking rules.” For example, every time you land one someone’s property, you must pay them and take a drink, or shot.)
With three months of summer, this is one idea that will help support the bond between you and your friends. Not only will it help view different sides of each other, but also create a unique and entertaining partying experience. Lastly, you can even try to be more creative by adding a theme to your party and having people stick to that theme. Good luck and in the words of Bill and Ted, “Party on Dudes!”

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