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Film Editing = fun,-.-

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Aug. 8th, 2010 | 12:49 pm

Yes... that was supposed to be a sarcastic comment for the title. I do enjoy film editing, but it sure is time consuming. I wish I was more motivated to do it over the summer, but I was too busy relaxing and reading for my career than working on film. School started up and I had everyone rush to me for their copy of the film that... WAS NOT COMPLETE YET because of MY laziness. So... here I am on a Sunday rushing to finish the last 13 minutes of the film. What makes it difficult is I have to use three separate programs and I am currently waiting for the first one to finish converting the file to be compatible so I can add it to the second on. In order for that to happen, I have to wait 1 full hour for it to do that. That's why I say it's "time consuming." Live and learn... I guess.

What else is new in my life: my mom and I still text regularly. So, meeting up with her over the summer was worth it. Glad I went. I just hope that it continues throughout everything the future has in store.

I am still paddling an outrigger canoe. The regatta (race) season has ended and now it's distance paddling time. I am going to partake is paddling from one island to the other. It's not as dangerous as it sounds, but it is dangerous... nonetheless. There will be an escort boat sailing right next to us... in the event something negative happens.

School did start and I have been busy in the classroom. I have gotten to a point where I enjoy looking over my student work even more now. I did in the past, but this year started off with me really enjoying taking the time to sit and look over what they wrote in their notebooks and think about what I should do next to help them with their education.

That's about it... for now. Keep in touch and show some aloha.

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