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Jan. 14th, 2004 | 11:48 am
気持ち: dismayed dismayed
音楽: cars racing n the highway

OMG, what a day!! I woke up this morning, late, and in my mad rush to prepare for teaching, I zoomed out of the house and forgot the art project to show the students. That is fine, right, just simply turn around and pick it up, right. Eventually that is what I did, in spite of the fact that I was half way to the school when I realized that I had forgotten the project. So, making a mad dash, and cruising down side roads at mach 20, I raced into the house, grabbed to project and was off, once again, to the other side of the island!! While driving, I had a premonition that something was not going to go right.
I arrived to school ten minutes later than i had planned to arrive, since I had to set up everything for my lesson. I quickly prepared as the students began to file into the classrooom. My mentor teacher was kind enough to offer assistance, but I knew I could handle the lesson. Well, after attendance was takenn, it was my turn to stand in front of the class and deliver my project. Just as I began, the lights went out. Power surge!! I had to give my lesson in the DARK!!! The children were acting all silly because of the lights, but quickly calmed down after a while. I did get them to concetrate on their project, but, as I was reflecting on what I should have done, while they were working, we received the announcement that school was going be cancelled due to the heavy winds!! GREAT (disappointingly) i thought. My first lesson in a different class, and all oof this had to happen!! Well, the god news is we played hangman until most of the students were picked up. But still what an adventure!

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