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話題の提供: I can walk under ladders

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Apr. 13th, 2010 | 05:21 am

Do you believe in luck? Do you think some people are luckier than others? Do actions cause reactions or are there intervening forces beyond our control that govern our destinies?

I don't 100% completely believe in luck. As far as life is concern, how you live your life is more by "choice" not luck. However, with gambling, I believe that is where luck is required. Like poker. I don't think there is much skill in the game, just how lucky you are with the cards and how lucky you are with the people you are playing to get them to believe in your bluff or not.

Those are my thoughts. Anyway... good luck everyone! =p

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From: pandalamp
Date: Apr. 14th, 2010 01:43 am (UTC)

See I have to disagree with you there. Not about the luck thing, Actually I agree quite a bit with that. But about the poker not requiring skill. It actually does. If you want to actually be good you have to be good at reading people, strategic betting (like how much, when to bet, when not to, etc...), how often to bluff, how to not show your own tells or how to lead people to believe something else is a tell and being good at math doesn't hurt either. lol sorry I can get into big rants about this because a lot of people will say that poker doesn't require skill but just luck but after hanging around with a bunch of professional poker poker players and playing quite a bit myself I've come to realize that it actually does take skills if you want to actually accomplish something. I mean if you're just playing for shits and giggles and don't really care than sure nothing more than luck is fine.

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