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Big Day tomorrow!! と言っても,そうでもない!!

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Jan. 13th, 2004 | 10:21 pm
気持ち: artistic artistic
音楽: sounds of the neighborhood!! Doing what I should be doing!!

I'm teaching ART!!!</f>

Okay, so I am teaching Art, whoopie!! Right?? Well to the average person, that really is not much, but for me it is a big one, reason being, there are going to be people watching me teach and commenting on my teaching. Ahh, the road to becoming educator, so difficult, so full of feedback, so financially difficult (maybe I should quit education and become a city theBus driver (hee hee). yea, right! I don't think so. I enjoy working with children too much to even consider being a bus driver. Children are so entertaining, so full of life, so... childish!!! hahaha

Well, what has been going on?? hmm, classes have officially begun,and I am already beginning to be swamped with work (gotta fight it off, must read 2200 pages tonight and prepare thesis for tomorrow!!!) nay, it's not that bad, yet!! Actually, I think this is the semester where I begin to understand more and more why I want to become a teacher, and why I am going through what I am going through. I must say, that it loooks like it's going to be a great semester!!

Today, I bought a flashhopper for my beloved Mac. I had a feeling itt may be worth getting on and use is as a back up for all the word documents that I have saved on my Harddrive, just in case something deadly happens!! I would not want that, then again who would?? anyway, the Hopper (or ホッパーちゃん)is pretty neat!! You can save up to 22 floppy disks worth of work on it!! And it is smaller then a pencil//pen!! You must check it out. The next MAJOR purchase I want to do, is a firelite, which give your computer an extra 60GB worth of storage!! perfect for backing up files!! I have a feeling I will be using Macs for the rest of my life!!!


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