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話題の提供: To auld lang syne

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Dec. 31st, 2009 | 12:48 am

Do you usually call your friends and/or family on New Year's Eve? Do you watch the countdown or ball drop on TV or choose to ignore it? What are your favorite New Year traditions?

I enjoy watching movies on New Years Eve. I don't care for a loud boisterous beginning to the New Year. I prefer a quiet setting. My favorite tradition (one that I have managed to keep) is eating on the New Year's Day. Normally I would eat Ozoni (お雑煮)which is a mochi based soup. And just lounging around. This year will be different as I have to do work on the New Year's day. I would have it done, if I didn't go to San Fran, so I am going to have to plan a bit better next year to ensure that all work that needs to be completed at the end of the year is completed. My house is still a mess, my classroom is still a mess, and report cards are still not done. I know I will have everything done by the time school starts, but it just means that I will have to post-pone lounging and just work. I am not in regret, as I enjoyed traveling. But, small price to pay, no worries.

Tomorrow (New Year's day), I shall post my goals for 2010. Cheers everyone!

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