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Travel log: Day 2: San Fran!

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Dec. 25th, 2009 | 07:16 am

Finally made it to San Fran. It was funny, as we left LA at 5:30 AM!! I know, early. But even though my father set up a GPS in the car, my directions (using the google maps from my phone) got us to San Fran in exactly 6 hours! We perused Japantown (which I feel madly in love with... It made me really miss Japan. So I think I will pass on the Philippines and go to Japan in 2011). We checked in and then took in a massage in Chinatown (Chinese Massages kill!). After a brief ride on the subway, ended up at a Karaoke Lounge (my new idea of having fun). Been at the lounge for a good four hours! Gong to sing one last song and call it a night.

Ok more details later, just wanted to meme really quick while events are fresh in my mind.

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