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話題の提供: Chemistry test

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Nov. 14th, 2009 | 08:28 am

Has your idea of the perfect romantic partner changed with age? Do you think we can teach ourselves to desire partners who are better for us or are we constrained by the laws of attraction?

Man, there are lots of questions about romance with these "daily writer's blocks." Recently, I have not been thinking about a romantic partner. I more or less have given up the fact of looking and hoping to find someone. I am enjoying my life alone and have come to terms with being alone. What would my perfect romantic partner be? I don't really know. I would like someone who has the same interests in me so that we can share our love for certain interests. However, I would not want us to be completely identical either. I would want someone to have a different perspective and be willing to share that perspective with me respectfully and not through demands.

I guess my views have changed over the years... wisdom does come with age after all... and I feel I am a bit wiser than before.

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