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話題の提供: If these walls could talk

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Nov. 12th, 2009 | 07:42 pm

Would you rent or buy the home of your dreams if a brutal murder had taken place there? What if you got to live there rent-free? Would you think twice if neighbors warned you that it was haunted?

Um.... no. I have had my fair share of paranormal activity to actually "believe" that ghost and other things that go bump in the night exist. I personally would not want to live in anyplace that is known to be haunted. So I would pass.

And in other news:

I came home today looking forward to playing RuneScape. I am currently trying to defeat a level 702 monster for a lousy cape. Just as I was about to sit down and enjoy the last 30-40 minutes, it started to rain (with thunder and lightning). And judging the history of the area I live in... I don't trust the electricity to remain on. I am not in the mood to be logged out and lose complete progress of where I am in the game... sooo not worth it.

that being said: Good book and good night!

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