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Power Adaptor-less

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Jul. 7th, 2009 | 04:11 pm
気持ち: blank blank

Ok, In my attempt to be productive, I rushed out of the house and off to starbucks to do work. I thought I had packed evrything I needed for the trip, but when I arrived to starbucks to my shocking horror and disgrace I realized: no power cord. My laptop's battery was down to a whalloping 47% so I really could not do much with that much power to my 'puter. So to not make the trip a complete waste I am playing with my phone and all of it's multi-functional glory. Apparently the juice on my phone's battery is lasting longer than I had ever expected. Yay for the iPhone. Now if AT&T will get off their lazy arse and present with the new MMS feature, I will have the perfect phone!

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