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The Proposal vs. Transformers.

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Jun. 28th, 2009 | 05:15 pm

First and foremost, I actually enjoyed this film better than Transformers... so either Transformers really does suck or my taste in films has become twisted.

I have always enjoyed Bullock's performance in film. She has remained one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood. So watching her in this film was enlightening.

Transformers was...honestly speaking your typical "guy" movie. It had everything a non-thinking typical "guy" would love: hard fast action, hot babes, robots, fancy vehicles and of course... sex. Sex...sex... and more sex. It was like watching Robo-porn mixed in with a action film. I think in that sense I didn't really care for the film overall. I mean, I went to go see the first film twice (in spite of the cheesy love side story). This sequel, I doubt I will even bother with viewing ever again. Furthermore, thanks to the sequel, I doubt I will bother putting the live action version of Transformers into my DVD movie collection.

The Proposal though... almost made me cry. I guess the sheer fact that I was able to connect with Bullocks character at one point in the film caught me a bit of guard (which is what I enjoy about chick flicks... they tend to do that all so very well). Ryan Reynolds is an upcoming, surprisingly well male actor as well. Most importantly, I am giong to be on the look out for more Anne Fletcher films... as she has dazzled me with "27 Dresses" and this film as well (yes, I do pay attention to directors... it helps me determine what to expect in a film).

Michael Bay (switching back to Transformers) has had some hits and nmisses with me. I enjoyed his "The Rock" and "Bad Boys" but simultaneously disappointed me with "Bad Boys 2" and "Armageddon." I wish he didn't have the movie go the direction it did... it could have been so much better.

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