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"Something Blue" by Emily Griffin

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Jun. 14th, 2009 | 06:13 pm

Just finished my fifth book of the year!! This is amazing. I have never been so much into reading in a really long time. Finding ones favorite genre helps.

Anyway, "Something Blue" started out really slow. Although you really don't need to read "Something Borrowed" it does help a bit. I would put in a word of caution that if you read "Something Borrowed" then you will find "Blue" to start out really slow. That is how I felt, at least.

The story revolves around Darcy Rhone, who is best (well, ex-best) friend to Rachel. It gives the perspective of the two females relationship through the eyes of Darcy. Darcy, now pregnant and single (not even in a relationship) decides to start a new life in London (of all places) with her baby. Life becomes interesting for Darcy when she hits London and finds out just what kind of person she really is.

I have to admit, I really hated Darcy in the beginning of the book. She annoyed me to no end, really. I was like (after the first 13 chapters or so) should I continue to read this or what?? I don't like this character, really. But my reading buddy advised me to keep reading and when I did, I was glad to finish the book. I don't want to say to much, but if you have read the book, please do comment with your thoughts, would love to hear what you thought. If you have not read it... then stop reading my post, go out and buy the bloody book so we can talk about it!!!

I am now switching to Meg Cabot's "Queen of Babble" if you would like to "read with me." Again post and then we can have a discussion. I can create a "book club" group and we can have a conversation about the books we read. Let me know.


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