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Critical literacy & HEC

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Apr. 19th, 2004 | 09:36 pm
音楽: no stay listen to music!!! Humbug, yea?

I know that you are all not educators and look at the title of this and are thinking, "What the (add your own words here)!!!" But today i read a story to the children talking about child abuse (which deals with Critical literacy, literature that is not often discussed in school, especially in Elementary). the lesson began really cool becuase I was using Hawaii English Creole (aka Pidgin. What's Pidgin?? It's wen you go talk lik dis. you go say tings dat mainland-kine people tink is bad english. but here in Hawai'i, we lik talk lik dis. We tink it stay our language, our culture. If you come Hawai'i, bumbye you know what pidgin is. Can handle or what??) Anyway, when I wen go use da pidgin, da keiki (kids) immediately loved the lesson and were very attentive, especially on keiki kane (boy). I guess his family stay using da kine, and das why he wen like my story. So, anyway, my story get dis one part where da main charater wen get one lickin from her uncle and den da uncle wen hurt her more, yea. When I wen read dis part, da little keiki all wen come quiet, yea. Later dey all wen tell how dat part wen make em feel scared inside. But, dey wen understand da lesson about it, and das what I wanted fo know.

Okay, sorry I wen write in HEC, but I tink many of you wen understand dat here in Hawai'i dere stay plenny people who talk lik dis. You may tink is stay bad english, but it stay the language of da Aina. If you lik know more about dis, leave one note fo I can know, yea. I lik share one history lesson about HEC. shoots den. Laterz.

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From: 1warrior
Date: Apr. 20th, 2004 04:58 pm (UTC)

A friend of mine she's from hawaii and she speaks something of combined languages of german-japanese-polynesian-english, do you speak any of that?

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