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Spring break over... back to work.

Mar. 23rd, 2014 | 10:59 am

Well, Spring break came and went in a flash.  I don't even know where it went.  I am still car-less, so I didn't really do much.  I couldn't even go surfing because my ear became infected with something.  I have been out of the water for almost a week.  Later today, I am just going to put in ear plugs and go surf anyway.

I completed my State Taxes.  I usually do them after I do federal in case I have to pay.  You can never tell with state taxes, to be honest, lol.  Luckily... I receive a refund.  Very happy about that.

If anything, spring break brought me lots of rest due to the ear infection.  I feel ready to go back to school.  Only 8 weeks away from Summer!  yay.

How is everyone else doing? 

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Altered 2014 goal...

Mar. 3rd, 2014 | 08:53 pm

So, after mulling it over and over, I have decided that I am going to actually enter into a surfing competition this year.  Nothing really major, just something small and fun.  If anything, it will be nice to be at a break with only me and three other surfers in the water for 30 minutes.  No complaints there.  That being said, I have to really start training and working on perfecting my surfing so I stand a chance.

I guess the whole enter a competition idea came through me watching competitive surfing.  It is so easy to sit in a chair watch pros go at it and complain when I, myself, have not even been in that situation.  So, while watching the pros and daydreaming of surfing where they surf I thought...maybe I should enter in one??

The other revelation to entering would be:  my fear of larger waves (actually my LACK of fear).  I have really become more and more comfortable with overhead waves.  I was just out today and charged some well overhead sets, fearlessly.  I was watching how far out I was going and I got to a point where I knew I rarely paddle past and I paddle past it to catch a wave.  Thing is, when I caught the wave, I didn't feel the normal "OMG, I hope I make it."  I felt at ease.  Not only did I catch the wave, I still rode down the face carving back whenever I felt the wave gave me that opportunity.

All that taken into account equates:  time to enter some fun competitions and see how I do with a little bit of pressure on my back and people watching.

going out to sleep now.  Toodles. 

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365 Days of Happiness: Day 58

Feb. 27th, 2014 | 11:17 pm

Tomorrow is the day!!  I finally will be able to turn my car in to be repaired.  I went shopping today and bought enough food to last me for 2 weeks (minus some fresh vegetable).  I plan to just bike to the beach; bike to work; back to the beach; and finally home.  I plan to spend very little money the next two weeks until I receive my baby back.  Going to be a loooooooooong week.  Luckily the sun rises at 6:50AM (I can hit the water at 6:15-ish and get a good morning surf session in, yay).  Swell coming this weekend too.  Can't wait. 

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365 days of Happiness. Day 57

Feb. 26th, 2014 | 07:50 pm

Tuesday's meeting was not what I expected.  Things are good again and the lines of communication have been restored.  I am hoping it stays that way too.

Caught a small barrel today.  I didn't think I had made the drop, but when I rode out of it and realized, "yes, I am still on my board."  I felt pretty accomplished.  Normally, the spot I was surfing is a spot that humbles me more than makes me feel accomplished.  Granted, it's not Sunset.  Sunset is presently my achilles heel.  Somedays, I surf it like I've been there all my life.  Others, I get pounded and pounded and pounded some more.  Regardless, I never give up and still go out.

Well, going to go to sleep.  I am trying this new schedule where I go to bed early, wake up early... eat breakfast and attempt to start my day.  I tried that today and I wasn't as hungry as I would be this morning during school.  So, hoping to see the results of this schedule.


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365 Days of Happiness. Day 50

Feb. 19th, 2014 | 08:54 pm

Went out surfing again today, only the break was worse than yesterday (sadly).  I did manage to make the most of it.  There was one moment I went flying over the lip and was pushed deep down underwater.  When I first started surfing and that had happened, I nearly drowned because I panicked.  Now... I don't panic and just relaxed.  I was probably underwater for 15-20 seconds due to the fact that the first wave pushed me down and the second held me under for extra time.  But, by staying calm, I was able to surface with no problems.


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365 Days of Happiness: Day... IDK.

Feb. 18th, 2014 | 10:02 pm

Where does the time go?  Honestly.  I felt like I just returned home and already it 10:00.  Sheesh.  Gotta keep this short, again.

Today, grade level meeting.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRING.

However, after work:  Great Surf Session!!  Woot woot.  Finally become so acquainted with head high to overhead waves, able to charge them quite fearlessly.

And in other news:  My car if finally being fixed.  I turn it in on February 28.  Hoping that it returns back to me quickly.  

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Updating on Happiness

Feb. 16th, 2014 | 08:05 pm
居場所: Fortress of Solitude
気持ち: great
音楽: Scrubs

Lost track of what day I am on.  Sadly... I had fallen into a mini-state of depression.  Most of it due to the car accident.  My poor car is still not repaired and I am reminded of that dreadful day every time I look on the right side of the car.  Surf has been small too, so that really doesn't help.  When I have days I can surf (even if it's small), I forget about the accident.  But when I don't go surfing, I start hating the world and life.  hahaha.

Today was a better day though.  I went up to the North side of the island.  I jumped in at the famous Sunset Point.  Upon jumping in the ocean, I was on a 6'0".  After about three attempts to take off on the wave and failing, I paddled back on land and switched boards.  Heh heh heh.  A GREAT surfer knows to bring more than one board to a break.  And I brought my mini gun, just in case.  Good thing I did too.  After the board switch, I was able to enjoy Sunset.  Caught wave after wave.  Just loved it.  I was still one of the shortest board riders in the line up.  Everyone had 6'8" - 10' boards, while I was on a 6'4".  Muhahahaha.

And in other news, I finished figuring out my taxes (which just becomes easier and easier every year).  Looking forward to having $2,000 added to my account hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks.

That's all for now.  See you tomorrow. 
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365 days of Happiness: Day 39-41

Feb. 10th, 2014 | 09:08 pm

It's late.

I have yet another video to put together before tomorrow and I am just about brain dead.

Quick notes:

The weekend sucked.  I did manage to hang out with a friend and play cards.  Found out that my car has $3000 worth of damage and there is a possibility it could be more.  When I do turn it in for repairs, there is also the possibility of being without transportation (or limited to public transportation) for a month!

That depressed me to the point I didn't do anything on Sunday.  I went surfing and then returned home to sleep the remainder of the day.
Woke up this morning depressed again.

One small victory:  my troubled child will begin counseling services this week.
Gonna catch some zzzzzzs... hoping to feel better when I wake up. 

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365 days of Happiness: Day 38

Feb. 8th, 2014 | 11:30 am

Tad bit late:

Yesterday was interesting.  Worked with the students after school on a video.  I am grateful that I have some students who are so gung-ho about filming!  It makes me proud that I made the choice to have the after-school program.  Now, is we could just start winning some awards to match all our efforts.

Tomorrow (today) going to have the car appraised for damages (more on that later).

Did go surf again.  Had the break to myself (love when that happens).  Caught some decent surf for what it was worth.

Ended the day sleeping and watching more Psych.  Sad to see that this will be the last season for it, though.  I enjoy Psych.  

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365 days of Happiness: Day 37

Feb. 6th, 2014 | 08:27 pm

Today was just plain funny.

People started coming up to me to asked about my accident.  I was like, "people, I'm TRYING to forget and not think about it."  I mean, seriously.  I continue to get depressed every time I think about it.  I think I'll remain that way until I finally get the right side of my car fixed.

But, positive notes:

Caught some fun waves at one of my favorite surf spots.  Almost got barrelled.  Did make some deep (and I mean DEEP) take offs (meaning, I took off closer to the peak of the wave and watched as it closed almost over me).

Work-wise:  Finally convinced a parent to come in to discuss counseling for their child.  The student has emotional issues.  I don't even joke with the child because I am not sure what reaction I'll get.  I have witness serious eruptions from said student and I am hoping that counseling will help.

All in all, not a bad day.  Yay. 

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